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Suitland to Host Back-to-School Night 
Make the most of back-to-school night. It's a valuable opportunity to learn important information about your child's classroom experience.

Along with shopping for school supplies and adopting earlier bedtimes, back-to-school night is an important ritual marking the beginning of the new school year. On this night, your child’s teacher explains their goals for the class and for your child. They’ll share information about their teaching style and methodology, how they grade and the requirements for a good grade. You’ll find out what supplies your child will need for the year and what projects are coming up.

Your child’s teacher might be a little nervous about meeting all the parents, even if they’ve done this 20 times before. Arrive with a friendly smile and introduce yourself. If you know each other already, say hello and refresh their memory as to your name and who your child is. Teachers meet lots of parents throughout the year and may not remember your name, although they may recognize your face.

Schools will often start with a general meeting in the auditorium and a brief welcome by the principal. Then parents separate to visit their child’s classroom.